HP-41 Card Reader Example

1. Write Program

This little program allows to sum up a series of values.
The assignment of the top row keys is a follows:
01 LBL "SUM"
02 LBL "A"      ; Add to sum
03 STO + 00
04 RTN
05 LBL "B"      ; Recall current sum
06 RCL 00
07 RTN
08 LBL "C"      ; Clear sum
09 0
10 STO 00
11 RTN

2. Write program to card

In PRGM mode insert the magnetic card from the right side. The program wil be stored there.

3. Delete program from HP-41

In RUN mode enter "XEQ CLP ALPHA ALPHA" - this will delete the current program.
Enter "CATALOG 1" to verify that the program "SUM" has been deleted.

4. Read program from card

In RUN mode insert the magnetic card from the right. The program will be read automatically. "WORKING" may be displayed for a brief moment.

5. Execute program

Enter "CATALOG 1" and stop the listing with R/S once you see the "SUM" program. Now function keys A, B and C are operational in USER mode.